The Show Must Go On: Vaudeville hits SL

The Show Must Go On

Yesterday I attended Second Life’s famed Vaudeville production The Show Must Go On, which was held as an opening in world event to coincide with the opening of the SLCC (Second Life Community Convention) being held in Chicago right now. It was fun to be there with some NMC friends and join into the conference in a small way, since I can’t be in Chicago. To be honest I am a bit conferenced out AND I have three more conferences coming up in the next few weeks so it was kind of nice to relax, be social, and not have any commitments to worry about.

Here’s my huge photo set of the many acts from the show. There were many acts – from a snarky comedienne that I found very amusing, to a group of synchronised knitting unicyclists who also defied gravity… errrr… and many other weird and wonderful and not so wonderful but still freakishly “only-in-Second-Life-so-interesting-to-experience” acts.

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