11 thoughts on “Odin and Oscar

  1. your kittens are adorable. i am trying to get on second life;maybe we can communicate better that way as i get no email from you in reply to my queries, i will keep you posted on my progress.

  2. Hi Barbara – my email program SUCKS!!! I’ve sent you several replies to BOTH your email addresses. I say get facebook or SL, they are much more reliable for sending messages right now.

    Ailsa – if ONLY they could 🙂 I am severely sleep deprived right now (and I am not nice when I haven’t had 8 hours sleep). The miaowing starts at 4am. Their most active time of the day is when it gets dark! I think these cats are nocturnal – which would be OK if I could sleep all day too. *yawns* But they are adorable.

  3. How beautiful. Where did you get the names from? Your little family must be nearly outgrowing your flat! PS. Cats are definitely NOCTURNAL. If you need any advise, I am a cat expert 😉

  4. Hi Fi 🙂 Odin comes from a Norse myth, and I chose Oscar because I wanted another ‘O’ name to match! Yeah the little flat is too small for us all, but moving time is coming soon! (Wanna fly up and kitty-sit when I move?) I’d like to know how to prevent them waking me up at 6am. Or earlier. Any tips? I am getting tired and cranky hehehe

  5. My Tip: Lock them in the laundry overnight. Wear some ear plugs to bed, and try very very hard to resist the urge to let them out if they meow. They get used to it after a few days and soon it becomes a regular routine that they look forward to every night. Would love to kitty-sit but I’m all out of annual leave. I’m about to take 7 weeks off, and then another week at Christmas to fly to QLD. Michael’s family’s turn this year. Perhaps next year for a visit when you’re in a bigger place. Hope you received our Itinerary I sent last week. I’ll buy you a little surprise while I’m away. Kisses, Fiona. PS. A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR 2ND~SEPTEMBER 🙂

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