Rate My Dorm Room


From the article: Old media targets the facebook crowd comes this:

…many traditional media companies are also seeking to capture the Facebook crowd. But one such “old” media company hoping to make big a youth push that might surprise you is E.W. Scripps (SSP), the newspaper publisher that also owns cable channels Food Network, DIY and HGTV.

The company’s HGTV.com Web site has launched a popular feature called Rate My Space, which lets people upload photos of bathrooms, kitchens, yards and other “spaces” so that people can judge them and offer comments, tips and friendly advice. Charity Curley, the vice president of HGTV.com, said that the Rate My Space section of HGTV.com has 41,000 registered users and has generated 44 million page views since the end of February.

But for the most part, HGTV has catered mainly to an older audience. Now, HGTV is going after the kids as well. The company has quietly launched a Rate My Dorm Room feature on the site in order to attract the people that are most familiar with the concept of social networking and user-generated content.

I’m wondering whether the ratings system is used differently with the younger crowd to the adult crowd.  It kind of reminds me of the research that was done (about 10 years ago now – before myspace and facebook even existed) on how youth websites were analagous to their private bedroom spaces and a form of identity play. But it also makes me want to click on the photos on the cork board to get a close up!  It’s like the web has now moved so close to reality now that we want reality to be more web-like.  Or something.

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