Living on Cybermind


I am so excited for my friend Jon whose book Living on Cybermind is due for release soon. We are planning a joint book launch later in the year.  I met Jon through, of course, the email list Cybermind, which is the subject of his book.  He talks about issues of identity, gender, community, ethics and truth in online spaces. He and Jerry were both stalwarts of the list who inspired me tremendously in my research into digital culture. Both of our books are in the same New Literacies series, edited by Colin Lankshear, Michele Knobel, Michael Peters and Chris Bigum.

2 thoughts on “Living on Cybermind

  1. I’m so pleased that Jon’s book is coming out soon – Cybermind is a unique community that foreshadowed many of the new media developments we are starting to see today. And as one of teh founder members I am very much looking forward to Jon’s book 🙂


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