Scary Mary

I love this recut trailer of Mary Poppins so much I used it in my lecture about genre today.  We were just talking about the meaning of genre and predictable patterns in genres, but the whole notion of parody is something we’ll also be doing soon, so this is a useful start.

I didn’t realise how many hundreds of these recut parodies were floating around, but thanks to wikipedia, here’s a huge list and associated links.

3 thoughts on “Scary Mary

  1. Oh my gosh, this is really clever. I’d be curious to know more about the creation/production of the recut trailers… how long does it take to pick out the clips? How many times does one have to watch to nab them all?

    And is there an ideal film that might serve as say a source for a class project where groups might be charged with recutting the same into a horror, romance, comedy, tragedy?

    And that Mary–those evil eyes, she is much scarier than the intended movie monsters!

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