**** NMC to Offer Symposium on Creativity in Second Life August 12-18

Press Release from Larry Pixel

NMC to Offer Symposium on Creativity in Second Life August 12-18

I write today to announce an upcoming event that you may find of interest. As you know, immersive virtual environments offer possibilities for teaching and learning that the NMC community—and others—are exploring. This August, NMC will host a one-of-a-kind event: a week-long online symposium on the topic of creativity, held entirely inside the virtual world of Second Life.

The week-long symposium will feature self-paced, hands-on studio sessions in machinima, fashion, sculpture/modeling, and virtual photography, including access to expert instructors; breakout sessions on topics like basic and advanced building concepts, avatar design, scripting, machinima, and photography; discussions of educational aspects of virtual worlds; creative teaching techniques; and more. Participants will benefit from in-world instruction and interaction, resources on the flat web, and plenty of practice time. Featured keynote sessions will open and close the symposium, and the week will include social and arts events, tours, and a showcase where participants can demonstrate their new skills and show off their projects.

The event will take place August 12-18, 2007, at the new NMC Conference Center sim in Second Life that adjoins the original NMC Campus.

The call for proposals will open on Monday, July 2 and will be announced broadly. We invite you to save the dates and make plans to attend this unique event! More details about the conference will accompany the Call for Proposals.

Please help us spread the word by sharing this information with others who may be interested.

Larry Pixel

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