and the “Age of the Avatar” is an online community incorporating forums, private messaging, friends and basically a community targetting younger users (with defined spaces for 13-15 year olds). From the site:

A Meez is your 3D I-D which you create and use to represent yourself everywhere you go on the Internet. You can personalize your Meez to look like you do in real life — or try on a completely new look. It’s up to you.

Interestingly the most important thing you do to begin is to create your avatar – and the “fashionista” part of the forum seems to have more hits than most other categories apart from music, personals and roleplaying. I keep reading all over the place that: the avatar has become the new big thing; 2007 is “the year of the avatar”; avatar is “the buzzword of 2007”; “the age of the avatar has arrived” and so on (multiple sources).

So, I don’t much like the meez avatar options – I’ll be happy when my SL avatar can be exported out of SL and used everywhere I want to have an avatar.  Plus, since I have invested a lot of Lindens into my SL avatar, I don’t much feel like spending any money on a meez avatar and so I have to have a freebie look.  And what costs the most “coinz” on meez?  Shoes!!!

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