NMC Conference – Hello Indianapolis!

I haven’t seen much outside the hotel room yet but I’ve made it safe and (relatively) sound to Indianapolis for the NMC conference!   I was allocated the Vice Presidential Suite which is just breathtaking and I am being treated like I am famous 🙂  I’ve finally met Heidi, Nick and Alan -Heidi and Nick are exactly like I expected (delightful!), but since Alan cavorts around Second Life in a slightly scary looking dog avatar I had no concept that he would actually be soft and friendly (hehe).

I am enjoying complimentary broadband access from the comfort of my suite which is fantastic because I am now working on last minute edits to my talk for tomorrow.  If anybody wants to listen to my talk the audio is being streamed into Second Life.  I will be speaking at 2:45 – 4:00 pm Thursday June 7th Indiana time, and the streaming will be into the NMC campus (just look for Corwin Carillon or CDB Barkley in SL and ask them for a landmark as they will be live in the session and in SL simultaneously.)

Otherwise my slides I already blogged below, so feel free to leave comments or questions here.

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