Postcards from Second Life

south beach strip club in Second Life, originally uploaded by amywilson.

Amy Wilson’s (Freelunch’s) Postcards from Second Life is now available, and there will be a free signing of the book in Second Life on Saturday, June 2nd, 6pm PST at the Pooley Auditorium ( The book, a set of watercolors documenting the travels of the artist inside a virtual world, is currently available at ( for $15 US.

I was sent a link to Amy Wilson’s artworks a couple of weeks ago but have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to blog about it. I find Amy’s work more fascinating the longer I look at it. I love the fact that visual artists are interpreting and expressing their impressions of Second Life through their medium of choice. There are so many people blogging about SL because writing is their mode of choice, and we’re all uploading a ton of photographs to flickr as amateur photographers to capture special and/or memorable moments. But I haven’t seen many people using art as their medium of expression (though I did recently read Sharon’s post about how she has begun drawing avatars in her visual journal).

I think this reinterpration of Amy’s is also very clever because it makes a considered critique of various aspects of SL – covering issues of identity, reality, relationships and business inside the virtual space.  These are issues that we are all quite familiar with, but to see them articulated in a new form holds them up for renewed inspection.

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