Coca-Cola in Second Life

Coca-Cola launched in Second Life with a bang – a competition asking for the creation of a “virtual thirst” vending machine, to dispense the essence of Coca-Cola: refreshment, joy, unity, experience.  Nice branding exercise.  Here’s a sample entry:

I used to have a dismissive attitude towards big corporations coming in to Second Life – until I saw Showtime’s “L Word” community flourishing so well.  The idea of CKin2U’s fragrance being promoted in SL I considered laughable, until I was walking through a department store and actually stopped to smell the real thing out of sheer curiosity (the female fragrance is actually very nice too).   And I did buy Julian Dibbell’s book through Second Life rather than (because I met him in person there!).  It’s quite fascinating to analyse which brands are doing well and why.  I don’t think Coca-Cola will be raking in money from having a virtual presence but like many big brands in SL I guess they think it makes them look hip and edgy and is a good PR venture.

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