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TV Series in SL

May 5th, 2007 · 2 Comments

the tudors

The TV show The Tudors is airing some of its episodes in Second Life!  Here are the details:

Showtime and the Alliance Second Life Library are pleased to announce that episodes one and two of the new series “The Tudors” will be shown on Second Life Library Renaissance Island. “The Tudors” provides a new spin on the early life of King Henry VIII of England and debuted on Showtime on April 1. Episode 1 will be shown on Renaissance Island on Saturday May 12 at 10 am sl and 5 pm sl; Episode 2 will be shown on Renaissance Island on Sunday May 13 at 10 am sl and 5 pm sl. Renaissance Island is one of ten library islands and is an historical roleplay and educational site for teachers, students, and anyone interested in the Elizabethan era of England in the late sixteenth century.

Residents of Second Life can dress in period clothing, rent cottages, a Renaissance era shop, visit a tavern, go to the Globe Theater, participate in music and events and experience life of that time. On some occasions, residents may catch a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth herself, William Shakespeare, or other characters of the period.

For more information contact Rain Noonan in world or by email at or Korrigan Keynes at

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