My June Plans

I have quite a busy schedule planned for June, with talks, presentations, panel discussions, and research network meetings.

I will first be arriving in San Francisco where I’ll be meting up with colleagues to discuss some joint research project plans (and going to the Ghiradelli chocolate factory, let’s not forget!)

Then its a very busy week in Indianapolis at the New Media Consortium Summer Conference. At this conference I’ll be speaking about my favourite subject:

Pleasure, Play, Participation and Promise: Socio-emotional dimensions of digital culture which are transforming the shape of new media literacies.

Drawing on several inter-related ethnographic studies of multimodal virtual worlds, this session will examine the significance of affect on transformative moments in people’s online lives. These moments, whether filled with great joy and hilarity or laden with angst and sorrow, are all moments which crystallize experience, provide a privileged locus for the creation of knowledge, and have a significant impact upon identity. From younger adolescents who embrace online communities as part of their normal socialization, to the silver surfers, the older generation of converts to digital culture, I will explore the motivations and emotions of a range of individual cases in order to illuminate the key factors which are driving the changing dimensions of new media literacies.

I hope to see a lot of colleagues at the NMC conference that until now I’ve only met in Second Life or via online conferences. It is sure to be the highlight of my year 🙂 Oh and I will get to hear Edward Castronova give a keynote! 🙂

Next is a panel discussion I’ll be on at the ECAR (EDUCAUSE Centre for applied research) Summer conference in Boulder, Colorado.

At this conference I’ll be speaking about teaching in Second Life. Here are the details:

This ain’t your daddy’s classroom, that’s for sure! Serious(ly fun) living and learning in the virtual world of Second Life

Is serious learning possible in a virtual world? The panelists in this session have each mounted significant and sustained efforts in the virtual world of Second Life™ to explore that question first hand across a variety of disciplines and settings. Collectively they have amassed years of experience in such settings, and clearly measurable successes. Join them as they discuss their projects, the challenges they’ve faced, the insights they have gained along the way, and their recommendations for institutions and faculty considering a virtual world presence.

Larry Johnson, aka Larry Pixel, The New Media Consortium
Phillip Long, aka Radar Radio, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sarah Robbins, aka Intelligirl, Ball State University
Angela Thomas, aka Anya Ixchel, University of Sydney

Then I head back to San Francisco for a little R&R for a few days before the long flight back to Sydney.  The minute I get back I’ll be heading up north to Armidale for a two day mega session with teachers, talking about machinima, digital fiction, and virtual worlds.  And then June will be over.  Phew!  If you are at any of these conferences do come and say hello!

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