Inanimate Alice


Thanks to Jess, I discovered the amazing multimedia graphic novel, Inanimate Alice. Not only is it one of the best pieces of flash fiction I have ever seen, but it’s suitable for children!!!! Hallelujah!!!! The following review explains it better than I could:

‘Inanimate Alice’ is a series of unique kinetic experiences: part game, part novel, part movie that depicts the life of a girl growing up in the early years of the 21st century. Set across ten increasingly interactive episodes the story of games animator Alice is told using a combination of text, sound, music and images.

So far, 3 episodes are available, and they’re just breathtaking in aesthetics and design. Here are a couple more screenshots:



Go check it out!! It’s amazing!! The narrative is wonderful and did I mention that it is suitable for using in a classroom with kids!? Guess what’s going to be included in all of my post-grad courses and workshops with teachers from now on?

2 Responses

  1. I think Inanimate Alice is an excellent example of narrative working alongside multimodal devices rather than being overpowered or displaced. I’d like to hear how your students respond to it.

  2. Hi–

    Thanks for bringing this kind of interactive story to people’s attention.

    Digital fiction is a rapidly emerging art form that, as it develops, will gradually become more and more a part of our reading lives.

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