GooTube Conspiracy: Collaborative Video Storytelling


The GooTube Conspiracy is a very funny collaborative video storytelling concept developed by popular YouTuber, Nalts. Here’s a great description from the info site:

YouTube Users Spoof Google’s Acquisition of YouTube With Fake Kidnapping Story

Online video creators are collaborating on the first viral video series that exposes a fictional “GooTube” Conspiracy. The series was initiated by one person, and has evolved into a collaborative storyline. YouTube video creators — who have never met — are participating in the plotline by posting new videos and advancing the plotline.

Philadelphia, PA — December 14, 2006

In an increasingly popular “underground” movement by active members of the YouTube video community, a collaborative plotline has emerged that depicts Google and YouTube conspiring for media domination. The story, “The GooTube Conspiracy,” began when one YouTube user posted a video claiming he was kidnapped by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Other YouTube creators began submitting unsolicited videos that developed the conspiracy story. Most of the creators have never worked together or even met each other.

“We’re experimenting with a new narrative art form,” says Kevin Nalty, who plays “Nalts,” a character desperately fleeing from YouTube and Google. “I’ve been amazed by how instantly people get engrossed in the storyline and take it in new directions.”

This is very exciting – even if the story doesn’t grab you, the concept is just wonderful.

And here’s a trailer for Series 2:

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  1. viral video? sounds a bit like Jill Walker’s feral hypertext. I’d def. going to blog this. Thanks Angela.

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