Rock You Experiment

My wordpress account doesn’t let me embed slideshare presentations, and the splashcast software, I have been informed, has a “bug” that they are working on. So I have resorted to using Rock You to embed my slide shows… it’s very teenybopper – MySpace ish but… here it is :) I got to include music and flashing lips…. *laughs* Enjoy!

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2 Responses

  1. Angela,

    I’m from Slideshare.

    Our embeds don’t work as yet with wordpress hosted blogs (as in , but they work fine with wordpress otherwise. Your blog does not look like a wordpress hosted one, so you might give this a try.

    Your presentation, incidentally, is on the slideshare homepage featured section.


    Amit Ranjan

  2. Hi Amit – thanks for letting me know my talk is featured!! Wow!! how nice – even when it doesn’t quite make sense without the audio :)
    Yes, this is a blog (I just redirected the name thing). I made a request to the admin to allow the embedding of slideshare shows but they wrote back and told me that it wasn’t planned for their immediate future, much to my dismay. The embedding is really important to me but not important enough to find a new blog host somewhere else. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Thanks :)

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