Evocative Spaces and Aesthetic Grabs (My YouTube Talk)

Click the image to go to the slides for my talk at the NMC’s Online Conference on the Convergence of Web Culture and Video

A complete list of all videos mentioned in the talk are included “under the fold”.

1. Evolution of Dance

2. Imagine [Bush Satire]

3. Brookers [All I Want For Christmas]

4. Boh3m3 [Sitting, Eating, Pooping]

5. TheHill88 and the Sick Puppies on Australian 60 Minutes YouTube Story

6. TheHill88 meets Tom Green, Weird Al Yankovic & Mike Vallely

7. Ysabella Brave [Cabaret]

8. Ysabella Brave Talk

9. Happyslip [The Bachelor]

10. Brokeback Island

11. JohnnyDurham19 [Make a Difference]

12. Crisis in Darfur

13. Boh3m3 [Leaving and Save Darfur]

14. Amy04 [Do Something]

15. Mia Farrow in Second Life on the Darfur Crisis

16. Boh3m3 [Dreams]

17. College Saga – Episode 1

18. I have a YouTube Dream

19. Geriatric1927 [Telling it All 46]

20. Boh3m3 Narrative Sims

21. Home Alone in 5 Seconds

22. The Hill88 [Vegemite 101]

23. Boh3m3 [The Australians are Fooling Us All]

24. Vegemite Wars

25. Boh3m3 [The War on Error]

26. TheHill88 [Vegemite and Peanut Butter]

27. The Devil Wears Prada Scene

28. Anna Wintour on Barbara Walters

29. Did You Know

30. As One Gathering San Francisco

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