Ysabellabrave: Youtube’s New Star

This woman is amazing, she’s like a 1940s screen Goddess.

I’ve been busy all weekend doing research and preparation for my talk about youtube and identity on Thursday (Australian time, that is).  When I discovered Ysabella along the way, I became an instant fan.  I would totally buy her music!  I expect to read about some acting or recording deal any day now.

9 thoughts on “Ysabellabrave: Youtube’s New Star

  1. This is wonderful. Youtube is becoming the defacto talent pool for the new discovery of “Great” or “Not so Great” talent.

    This falls into the “Great” category. Good post!

    Signed the Dreamer

  2. By the way, since you are a 2nd life expert, wouldn’t it be cool if ysabellabrave had her own cabaret there?

    I have been thinking about it, but I can’t imagine an avatar capturing her essence.. What do you think?

  3. Superhero: that’s very diplomatic of you 🙂
    Digital Dreamer: thanks – haven’t seen your comments for a while, drop by more often!
    IndianaJimz: that Portugese song was beautiful – I love her voice, she is incredible!! And her talkback sessions are so quaint and cute. I think she would be great in Second Life – GREAT – I think her voice is incredibly expressive and would overcome the barrier of not seeing her wonderful facial expressions. It wouldn’t be as good for sure, but it would still be great. She would have to invest in some space and a customised avatar though. Do you comment on her posts? You should suggest it! I would be happy to help her get started. Now how did you know I was going to Indiana by the way? *laughs*

  4. I knew you were coming to Indiana because you said so on your website. I have tinkered some on 2nd
    life but I don’t find it very user friendly. Send me an email and I will send you a link.

  5. ysabellabrave would be great in second life but she might not have the time for it. If she is keen I would love to help and contribute to her setting up a customised avatar etc. I agree tho that a lot of her appeal is visual, and an avatar would not capture that, so it might better for her to spend her time making real life videos. Whatever she does I hope she succeeds as I hope to see a lot more of her in the future.

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