Playful Crossings Between Reality and Fantasy

There are so many examples now where pop culture – as exemplified by fiction, fantasy, play and fun – are being incorporated into mainstream and real events or texts. We seem to be undergoing a change in attitude towards pop culture, where fiction, fantasy, play or parody operate within and for truth and reality. The two are conflated more often. Sometimes they work fabulously, but other times they really miss the mark. Here are just a few examples – see if you can determine which ones work, and why this might so!

Example 1: The Devil Wears Prada, showcasing the character based on Anna Wintour, is then used to illustrate points made through an interview with Anna Wintour.

Example 2: The video clip to Lily Allen’s song “Smile” is turned in “Simlish” and a machinima is created using The Sims to perform a re-appropriation of the song.

Example 3: Nalts, a popular youtuber, makes a parody about the Blackberry for the entertainment of his youtube videoblog viewers. BBC pick up his parody and use it to discuss the evil effects of technology in the world.

Example 4: Boh3m3, a popular youtuber, trashes Australian vegemite, a local new station airs a prime time report about it, and Boh3m3 fights back.

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