Mystery Solved!

Yes, I am going to the US in June and although I am there for work, I will be travelling via San Francisco where I hope to have a bit of down time to relax a bit! Yay!! And whilst there, I will of course (being the chocoholic that I am) be dropping in to the famous Ghiradelli chocolate factory. Now after being quite careful with my mystery clues, I thought I might be able to string out this mystery for MONTHS (because the only people I know in California already knew I would be there and were thereby disqualified from participating in the challenge!).

Well… in case you don’t read the comments, Jerry was successful in correctly identifying the exact location after only 3 clues!!! Congratulations Jerry!!! How did he do it, I hear you asking, since you couldn’t get it… well…. I’m glad you asked, because he tells all in his own blog entry, and here is a little snippet:

It was the third clue that clinched it. A photo of a mermaid fountain. I searched Google and found lots of references to mermaids, but I needed to narrow down the search. Try Flickr. If it was a genuine clue, there would somewhere be a photo of this fountain. About five pages in and I had it. The photo was a plaza somewhere in San Francisco, USA. Surely not a plain old Herschey bar?

I had the name of the plaza, Ghirardelli, but still not the significance. So I googled the name and came up with the chocolate factory that gave its name to the plaza. And being in the US, this chocolate factory had a decent website – complete with links to Google Maps, which gave me the street address and the final piece of the puzzle – which precise building would provide a view of THAT window in a setting that involved chocolate.

Ahhh… clever clever clever!!!!

That was so much fun, I think I should start a new mystery challenge. Anybody want to play?

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