Mystery Clue #3

Here is clue number three in my mystery location quiz!  I’ll be going to a particular building and will be able to see this fountain from its steps. Here was the first clue, and here was the second. Any more ideas? Don’t forget, the correct guess gets a prize sent to you personally!!!

7 thoughts on “Mystery Clue #3

  1. Okay, I’ll take a bite 😉
    The mermaid fountain is on Ghiradelli Plaza, San Francisco, USA. The building you’ll be going to – cos a girl’s gotta have chocolate – is the Ghiradelli chocolate factory. My guess though it’s uncertain is that the entrance you’ll use is the one on Larkin Street on the east side of the square.


  2. Yay!!! *much applause*!!!!! Jerry is the winner!!!!! OK between now and June we have to determine which chocolate is your favourite. Maybe the other blog readers can vote!!!! 🙂 Well done!!! Sheeez I made it too easy 🙂

  3. Yippeee! *takes a modest bow* … and thinking perhaps something dark, soft with a hint of something sweet yet surprising… 😀

  4. but you know what this means Jerry….. you have to send me your address *laughs* You better give me Sharon’s favourite too!!

    I think I will need to plan another blog mystery now, that was fun!

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