Second Life Media


I don’t know when the buzz will die down a bit about Second Life, but it seems to be mainstream media’s hot new topic – here are a couple of news items:

Virtual Worlds have Real Popularity

Living Inside a Second Life

Back to Indie media, there’s a fascinating new machinima series called My Second Life, a documentary style fiction (love the genre blending!) which looks very promising.

Meanwhile, I managed to capture a shot of my avatar smiling!

4 thoughts on “Second Life Media

  1. The “My Second Life” machinima series is a lot of fun and a great experiment in digital storytelling. The Submarine Channel which you linked to is also extremely interesting. Once there, I read about their collection of film titles. These things were the subject of what I wrote about today on my blog which is directed at faculty of an art and design college. Thanks for sharing that information. I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now and find it an excellent resource.

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