Semiotic Margins

A call for papers just went out for this conference and it looks amazing! Here’s the focus of the conference:

Semiotic margins: Reclaiming Meaning

Dates: December 10 – 12, 2007
Venue: University of Sydney, Eastern Avenue Complex

Planning Committee
Jim Martin
Sue Hood

The purpose of this workshop is to focus on modalities of meaning which have been sidelined as ‘paralinguistic’, or as belonging to another modality of communication (e.g. gesture, kinesics, voice quality, laughter, typography, colour). In particular we want to raise questions about what counts as part of language or not, and why, and the theoretical cartography of currently evolving descriptions (i.e. where they belong metafunctionally, stratally, in terms of rank etc.).

We are now open for submissions for parallel papers on various aspects of multimodal discourse analysis. Program slots will be limited and preference will be given to papers directly addressing the workshop themes outlined above, including work ‘reclaiming meaning’ in modalities other than language.

With keynote speakers including Carey Jewitt and Theo van Leeuwen I think this conference will be a must!  I especially want to attend the keynote about the smiotics of laughter, how fascinating!

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