Mystery Clue #2

Last week I told you that I was travelling to a mystery location later this year and offered a prize to anybody who could guess the precise location.  I gave you mystery clue 1 … and now here is mystery clue 2.  I haven’t had many guesses yet – and I KNOW I have at least 100 readers a day, so come on – guess!  The prize will be tasty!!

7 thoughts on “Mystery Clue #2

  1. Aha!!! Good try but no. Alas, as much as I would LOVE to be going to Europe and Belgium in particular (Hello Julia and James, my friends in Belgium!) it is not there. You can keep trying or wait til the next mystery clue 🙂

  2. No… although *I* am very excited to go to the mystery location, its quite a mainstream place that many people will have visted if they have travelled even just a little, and not really very exotic per se… but out of all of the cities in the world, its one of the most beautiful ones I think….

  3. Hi Vik 🙂 I have been to the Cadbury’s chocolate factory in Hobart several times… but I am not going there in 2007, so no. Good guess though, I think by mystery clue 3 you’ll have it, so stay tuned!

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