Fashion is an Art

I’ve fallen in love with these “Devil-wears-Prada” fashionistas from the Second Life fashion house, “House of Lu” and their label: Paper Couture.

Their work is a bit edgier than most of the popular SL fashion houses, and whoever is behind it has enough snarkiness to make them amusing. But their work consists of some lovely hand drawn textures, very distinctive, and based on current “real” fashion trends and is quite inexpensive.

I really love the artistry behind their work – look, here are some of the designs from their Spring collection:

I keep getting media requests related to comments on SL fashion and mostly I talk about avatars and identity, but there’s also a real sense of the SL fashion community growing in creativity and diversity, which is a wonderful thing.

Here I am in two Paper Couture outfits – they are probably so last season, but then I dress for amusement and not for keeping up with trends.

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