My new favourite channel on YouTube is HappySlip! I started watching her videos a couple of weeks ago and I am totally hooked now. She has an associated video blog but her videos are all over a ton of video sharing sites, not just YouTube. Over at Tubeworthy, they give us this:

HappySlip, a one woman production team, is the true spirit of Youtube. Not to put down two or more person production teams, but to me this medium is especially for individual, talented, but low budget, artistic expression. Most of all it’s about fun. HappySlip is also funny, talented, and not at all hard on the eyes. Her videos are fun, with good production values and without an edge. Many feature hilarious, but loving, impersonations of her family. Especially her mother.

I especially love the impersonations and the genre playing she does, from mini soap operas to playful experimentation with form.  And maybe because I once lived in Singapore and shared a dorm room with some Filipino girls, I really get a laugh at the play with the English language she does.  Have a look:

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