Avatar Fashion Artists


I never stop being surprised at the talented fashion designers for the avatar. The combination of creative skills and technical skills is something I really admire, and the women I know making it a full time business venture are doing very well indeed. Fashioning the avatar is a significant part of SL culture for most women I know. It feels extravagant, luxurious, frivolous, and purely indulgent to spend a few dollars a week buying hair or skins or shoes or even glamorous gowns for one’s digital persona… and yet it is totally addictive. Again, the idea of being art, wearing art, and feeling that a sense of your aesthetic identity is projected through your avatar makes it compelling to explore.

Here is my very first attempt at constructing my avatar in December, 2005:

Anya in December 2005

and here I am now, some 14 months later:


I think this reflects my development from “newbie who thought it was all a bit of a game” to somebody who now uses Second Life for aspects of both my professional and social life. Second Life still has its fantasy elements, and is definitely a lot of fun, but it is only a game in the sense that life and reality is also a game.

And for anybody interested, the first and third images here show me wearing my favourite fashionista’s latest gown – Nonna Hedges. Nonna told me today her business is going so well she has dropped her price point BY HALF!!! I think this gown makes me look like the rose in my blog banner which I photographed when I was in Armidale in 2005.  I remember seeing the roses in Armidale and rushing to capture them with my digital camera at the time.  I felt the same way when I saw Nonna’s gown.  It is art.

5 thoughts on “Avatar Fashion Artists

  1. Great work on your Avatar Angela. Was wondering if there is a comparable site for men in SL who enjoy making the most of their Avies.

  2. That gown looks awesome in person, too. It flows so nicely. Makes you look delicious. And you are charming and intelligent too!

  3. Hi Christopher, you might like to try Second Man – lots of tips for male fashion and so on there.

    Craig, I am not sure I was exactly going for “delicious” but what woman could be offended by such a comment?

  4. For fashion advice for men and women, could I recommend the MODA Fashion blog at http://MODAFashionSL.blogspot.com

    We have links to dozens of designers and blogs as well as our own fashion tips and reviews.


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